A Quest for Learning

The Scientific Programming School is an interactive learning space for Instructors, students and professionals interested in Linux, Devops, HPC and Data Sciences.
  • Interactive

    Learn with the most advanced code playground, 50+ languages and including the commercials ones

  • No Setup

    It's all set for you, don’t need to fiddle with SDKs and IDEs at this time!

  • Videos

    Animated videos all around, also includes HD terminal captures and so on

  • Illustrations

    Lessons are engraved with interactive charts, graphs, images, visual elements.

  • Console

    It‘s all setup Linux- Ubuntu, RHEL and SuSE. Just click on the terminal window and get a console!

  • Good Foundation

    Get a solid Scientific coding foundation for your self development efforts. Try the our mobile app!


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The Scientific Programming School Instructors are creating and delivering interactive and adaptive courses on Linux, Devops, HPC, scientific programming languages, including Data Sciences.

  • Data Sciences

  • Linux

  • HPC

  • Parallel Computing

  • Python

  • Devops

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